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Diesel Marine Propulsion

Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Marine Generating Sets

Beta Marine has considerable experience from over twenty years of manufacturing marine generating sets for different applications: “Wide Beam” canal boats, passenger ferries, cargo boats, fast patrol boats, sailing yachts, barges, fishing boats, trawlers, tugs, commercial vessels and “super yachts”.

The development of these generating sets has resulted in our standard range of marine generating sets based on Kubota diesel engines from 3.7kVA up to 50kVA; and we can also build to individual specifications.

We can supply most electrical voltages and frequencies from 230 volt single phase; 415 volt 3 Phase; or any other normal electrical requirement - 50Hz at both 1,500, 3,000 rev/min, or 60Hz at 1,800 and 3,600 rev/min.

Acoustic Housings

Our marine generating sets can be manufactured with high quality marine grade acoustic housings that reduce the noise levels down to below 60dB(A). This is (at least) a further 10dB(A) reduction from our already quiet gensets – equivalent to about half the noise level as perceived by the human ear.

Our BetaGen Marine Generating sets have been carefully designed to have compact dimensions and low weight, with all service connections brought to the outside of the housing - ready for a quick and easy installation.

We also included in the design for ease of maintenance with quick release panels, and special acoustic reduction material with attenuated air-intake and exhaust connections.

For further information on the Marine Generating Sets please feel free to contact us.